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Shea Butter hair food enriched with Argan & Safflower

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This hair food is suitable for all hair types but it is especially good for dry or chemically treated hair. It is excellent for  locking in moisture, helps prevent dandruff formation, and aids growth. It will leave your hair smoother and much more manageable. 

Benefits of the Argan & Safflower butter:

  • Argan oil is rich in Vitamin A and E which nourishes the scalp and aids growth. It also protects the hair from heat damage, restores shine, and helps prevent split ends. 
  • Safflower oil is an intense moisturiser! It also protects the hair, and promotes growth and thickness. 

For best results, moisten the hair if required and massage the butter onto your scalp and hair.   

Free ~ Mineral Oil Free ~ No Artificial Fragrances 

This product contains a safe and minimal concentration of essential oils. Essential oils should be used sparingly and with care during pregnancy and for children under the age of seven.