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How To Buy Our Products

Below is a guide on how to add products to your cart and pay for them using a credit card, cheque card, debit card, or instant EFT. All Payments are processed through Payfast
STEP 1: Add products to your cart
Add products to your cart and click on the "Check Out" button
STEP 2: Enter your information
Enter your information (Name, address, and contact number) and click on "Continue to shipping method"
STEP 3: Choose a shipping rate
Choose a shipping rate depending on your shipping address and click on "Continue to payment method"
STEP 4: Verify your information and complete your order
Check if your order details are correct and click on "Complete order". Please note we accept debit cards and EFT as well, the full options are shown after this step.
STEP 5: Proceed to payment facility
Wait to be redirected to Payfast. Payfast is a safe and secure payment processing facility accredited by all major South African banks and supports 3D-secure. Read more here: Payfast Security & Fraud Prevention
STEP 6: Choose a payment option and voila..
Choose your preferred payment option and follow the prompts.  :) Continue reading below if you're interested in finding out how each of these options work.
PAYMENT OPTION 1: Credit & Cheque cards
These are cards which have a CVV number and are enable for online purchases. Enter your card details and click on  the "PAY" button to complete the 3D-Secure verification for payment authorization.
Choose your bank and complete the normal EFT process. The payment will clear immediately.  
PAYMENT OPTION 3: Debit card
Enter your cellphone number and click on "CONTINUE". You will receive prompts on your cellphone to enter your card details and authorize the payment. It works similar to cellphone banking. 
Thank you  and happy shopping

 Please note we no longer accept direct bank deposits and EFT