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The History and Benefits of African Black Soap

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African black soap originated from amongst the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria and the Yoruba communities in Benin and Togo, West Africa. The soap goes by various names depending on how and where it’s made, Nigeria / Ghana - Ose Dudu, Dudu Osun, Alata Samina and Anago Samina. In Yoruba medicine, soap is called Ose and black Dudu thus Ose Dudu. Ose Dudu is the original black soap. Its basic ingredients are Red Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Roasted Plantain Skins, Roasted Cocoa Pods, shea or cocoa butter. The soap contains no lye, it's 100% natural. The plantain skins and cocoa pod ash are...

Taking it back to basics: Introduction to Hair 3

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Welcome to Hair 103Well done, you're through to the final leg of the Introduction to Hair series!As mentioned before, hair is made up of almost 100% protein called Keratin which is found in the cortex. The keratin gives the cortex, which gives the entire hair strand its strength and structure. It also has water for elasticity and trace elements.  The keratin chains are made up of amino acids which are formed by carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur elements. The amino acids are joined together by peptide bonds. Long chains of peptide bonds are called polypeptide chains which are in...

Taking it back to basics: Introduction to Hair 2

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Hello, Welcome to Hair 102This post is a continuation of the Introduction to Hair series, read the first installment here. We learned previously that hair is basically 'an outgrowth of dead cells' and that those cells make up the hair shaft.The dead hair cells emerging from the follicle do so in a specific manner and arrangement. They form a strand with three layers. The first outer layer of the hair strand is the Cuticle, it comprises of a hard layer of overlapping cells. Below the Cuticle is the Cortex, this layer is the thickest and most prominent in the hair strand. The...

Taking it back to basics: Introduction to Hair 1

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Hair starts growing in a follicle below the surface of the skin; this part is called the root. The part that protrudes above the skin is called the shaft. Hair cells are formed in a bulb at the base of the root and mature as they move up through the root. The cells lose their nuclei [die] in the process and fill up with fibrous protein. This is known as Keratinization, named after the fibrous Keratin protein

Welcome to Oamobu Naturals

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Hello! I'm very excited you're reading this piece. Welcome! :) I decided to make the first post about how all this came to be.   I'm Getty and I've had natural hair since 2010. I have fine afro-textured hair with possibly the tightest kinks ever found on hair and a natural tendency towards dryness. I went through cycles of growing it, frustration, and relaxing or cutting it over the years. This was mainly because I didn't have enough knowledge on how to take care of it and I struggled to find "good" products to effectively manage it. I had found...