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5 Reasons You Should Be Using A Wooden Comb

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Wooden combs and brushes are some of the best hair grooming tools, though they are still less popular. In the snap poll we ran earlier on Twitter, a staggering 77% of the people who voted had never used a wooden comb before. This post highlights the major benefits of wooden wide toothed combs.

1. Wooden combs are gentler on your skin or scalp

Whether you're part of beardgang or spotting an afro, wooden combs will be non-invasive on your skin. Itching, irritation, or inflammation are usually caused by broken skin. Metal and plastic fishtail combs are the biggest culprits. Their teeth have pointy ends and they easily slip through your tangles onto your skin because they’re thin toothed.

2. Wooden combs won't snag and tear your hair

The teeth of wooden combs are smoothed and rounded throughout which reduces friction and snagging. Plastic combs have ridges from the moulds they’re made with which tug and tear into hair leading to split ends.

3. The smooth and tender feeling of wood on your scalp improves circulation

You can use the comb to scratch your scalp. The wide teeth will gently massage your scalp and give you a refreshing feeling. This helps promote hair growth by increasing blood circulation, and excess sebum absorption. Our shealoe butter is very effective at preventing dandruff and itching, but keep one of these on you at all times, just in case, especially if you have a protective hairstyle.


4. Wooden combs are very effective at de-tangling kinky hair

When your hair is wet, the wide and short wooden teeth will glide through your tangles much more easily. The long, thin, and tightly spaced teeth of an afro comb gets easily tangled in kinky hair. 

5. Wood is poor at absorbing and conducting heat
When exposed to a blow dryer, the brush stays cool because wood does not conduct heat. :)

Lastly, beware of bad wooden combs. Quality wooden combs are smooth all around and well design with large and evenly spaced teeth, plus they are crafted in stylish and neutral wooden colours. Next time you come across this comb, BUY IT!

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