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How To Use African Black Soap Effectively

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African black soap is an all-natural soap considered to be safe for all skin types. We have written in-depth about the origins of black soap in one of our previous blog posts. With proper usage, this soap can keep your skin clear from breakouts, and even-toned. Our bar of black soap should last you well over a month if kept in a dry area. From the reviews, our customers love this soap but there are others who find it drying. The following are tips for using black soap to ensure you get the best benefits out of it:

  1. Don’t apply the soap directly onto your skin
Rinse your hands and face, and then work up a lather with your hands before applying it onto your skin. The same applies to acne anywhere else on your body.


  1. Give your skin time to balance itself out
Upon first use; even those with oily skin might notice that their skin feels a bit dry and tight. This might last for about a week, and then your skin should balance itself out. You may also experience purging which should clear away in two weeks’ time.


  1. A little goes a long way
If your skin is naturally dry or you experience irritation or tightness, only use the soap at night and rinse with warm water in the mornings.  Find a way to incorporate the soap into your skincare regimen because you might not need to use it every day.


  1. Cut or dilute the soap with oils

If your skin is extremely dry or sensitive, lather the bar into your hands and add two drops of a good facial oil. Either jojoba, Argan, rosehip or a combination of them. Alternative, opt for our liquid black soap which has these wholesome oils already added to it.




  1. Balance your skin

Use a gentle alcohol free toner. This step is necessary to restore the pH balance of your skin.  For more info, check out our blog post on pH balancing and the recommended natural products you can use for toning.


  1. Don’t skimp on moisture

Be sure to moisturise with a good emollient such as shea butter, a hydrating serum, or a facial oil. Even if you have oily skin, you should always moisturise.


Lastly, remember to cleanse gently and keep it simple. The soap does not substitute exfoliating but with just a little lather, you can reduce your break outs and improve your skin’s complexion and glow. Let us know what your experiences with the soap have been so far by  reviewing it. If you have been wanting to try the soap, go for it. It will definitely be worth it. 


  • @james, not sure if you’ve found answers elsewhere but never sleep with black soap on your face as it may cause severe irritation. I believe they mean use it to wash your face during the night times and wen you wake up the next day just wash your face with plain water. No soap, if anything you could use a mild cleanser.


  • So you’re saying I should be applying it to my face in the nights, sleep with it still applied then in the morning when I awaken. To wash it off?


  • can i use a spin brush with black african soap or is that bad?


  • I read you aren’t supposed to use Black Soap everyday. What am I supposed to use when I’m not using Black Soap?


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