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For the guys: be good to yourself and use shea butter to combat razor bumps!

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Hi all,

Today’s blog post is one for all the gentlemen out there! We’ll be sharing some golden tips for the age-old essential element of male grooming known as shaving. To start off, it’s quite shocking that so many guys don’t follow good shaving routines. As a result, they end up suffering from razor bumps which lead to pain, acne eruptions, and facial scarring. These are not only distressing skin conditions, but they can be very damaging to one’s self confidence and personal image (especially if you are an aspiring corporate hot shot).

PS: Razor bumps can occur on any shaved region both in men or women, including the sensitive skin of the bikini area, underarms, and groin region.

So, let’s get started…

How are razor bumps formed?

Razor bumps form in one of two ways: when your hair strands curl back on themselves and grow underneath the top layer of your skin or when a hair shaft enters another hair follicle as shown on the right in the illustration below. If your hair is naturally coarse or curly, you stand a much higher risk of suffering from razor bumps than guys with straight hair. This is the main reason why Africans suffer from severe razor bumps.


What causes them?

Shaving too close to your skin! By shaving too close, you leave the hair underneath your skin. Other contributing factors are stretching the skin, shaving against the direction in which your hair grows, and using a razor with multiple rows of blades; the first blade serves to pull the hair out of the follicle while the second blade cuts it and allows for retraction into your skin.

How to get rid of them?

From our experience, following this three step routine is the most effective to avoid razor bumps…

One: Spare some time for preparation

Prepare your skin before shaving by moistening it with warm water; shaving after showering is just as effective. 

Two: Get better at shaving

Firstly, avoid the bad manners mentioned above by all means. Below are important rules that you can adopt to improve your shaving routine.

  • Use a thick shaving oil / gel to reduce the level of contact between the blade and your skin. Leave the gel on for 2-3 minutes to soften the hair adequately before you start.
  • If you can, use an electric razor or safety razor

Three: Treat your skin better after shaving

Most guys have been groomed to use alcohol based products such as methylated spirit as an after shave. These definitely do kill bacteria, but they also cause a lot of damage to your skin. This is because the alcohol is too acidic which disrupts the pH balance of your skin. This causes it to become dry and flaky, or in some instances the skin cells try to overcompensate by becoming oily and acne-prone.

After shaving, your skin actually needs moisture to rehydrate it and leave it feeling soft and smooth. For this purpose, we recommend using a natural butter enriched with essential oils – similar to alcohol, some essential oils are anti-bacterial.

There are a couple butters that you can choose from, but we highly recommend using shea butter. Basically, shea butter’s unique blend of minerals and vitamins contain moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antiaging properties that are very difficult to come by in a single product.

With this in mind, we have formulated a Shea Facial Butter charged with tea tree, lavender, and patchouli oils that is excellent for treating razor bumps, restoring your skin’s even tone and reducing scarring. If you haven’t yet given natural butters a try, along with our awesome customers, we assure that you will see a noticeable difference in your skin after using our Shea Facial Butter for a month.

If you’ve used our Shea Facial Butter before as an after shave, please do share your experiences with us. You can tweet us, post an IG review or submit a testimonial on our website, scroll down to "Submit a Testimonial".

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Movember will soon be upon us, we pledge to share more male grooming tips throughout the month.

Bye for now, and happy shaving gents. :)


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