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How to kick ashiness and fade stretch marks using Shea Butter!

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Hi everyone,

This week’s post focuses on two of the most common skin problems which can easily be remedied by using Shea butter. Organic unrefined Shea butter is a potent moisturiser and emollient that provides unrivalled protection for your skin. If you have been changing from product to product looking for something that really works, we recommend that you start using Shea butter, and we bet it will be the last thing you’ll need to try. From ashy skin to stretchmarks, Shea butter does really have all the answers.

Indulge dry skin…

“Ashiness”, like dandruff, is not a serious condition but it can be quite embarrassing. Ashy skin is just very dry skin caused by dead skin cells that remain on the surface of your skin. Though all skin tones can experience “ashiness”, it is most visible on dark skin tones. The biggest contributors to this problem are when your skin doesn't have enough natural water to keep itself smooth and supple or when the outer layer of your skin loses a lot of moisture quickly. This occurs especially in dry climates such as we have here in Johannesburg, and during cold dry seasons.

What makes Shea butter superb for banishing dry skin is its thick texture and natural moisturisers which are similar to those produced by your skin’s oil glands. Working it into your skin at least twice a day will not only solve your dry skin problems, it will ensure your skin never gets ashy again by making it softer and less prone to dryness and an ashy appearance.

The moisturising effect of Shea butter is also outstanding for repairing cracked heels and troublesome cuticles. The most common benefit reported by our Shea body butter customers is softer, moisturised feet from morning until noon.

stretchmarksFade stretchmarks…

This condition mostly affects girls and women, and it’s probably one you've tried numerous products for. Stretch marks appear when your skin is stretched beyond its natural growth rate due to rapid growth which mostly happens during puberty and pregnancy. Although your skin is usually fairly elastic, when it's overstretched, the normal production of the connective tissue in your skin is disrupted and as a result, scars called stretch marks form.

Moisturising with Shea butter alone can do wonders for skin elasticity due to its abundance in vitamin A. It also contains a variety of fatty acids which are needed to maintain your skin’s moisture and elasticity. Applying a generous amount of Shea butter at least twice a day to the affected area and working it into your skin will provide moisture deep into your stretchmarks. The idea is to keep your skin supple and hydrated to enable it to stretch without "breaking".

We're often asked if Shea butter can remedy cellulite, the answer is, unfortunately, NO. Unlike Stretch marks, cellulite is not a skin condition, it's fat deposited below your skin which pushes against its connective tissue, giving your skin a lumpy, dimpled appearance. Just like stretchmarks, it is most noticeable on your thighs, hips, and butt, and also usually occurs after puberty.

We’ll leave it here for today, we hope it has been informative.

In the following weeks we'll be discussing other common skin conditions which can be remedied by using Shea butter, these include eczema, acne, pigmentation and scars. At Oamobu, we whip our butters with vegetable and essential oils which also help remedy these conditions. A few of these oils are showcased in our product descriptions, check them out here.

See you soon, and enjoy the rest of your week!

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