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Taking good care of your skin is easier than you think!

Oamobu Naturals

Hi All,

Today’s blog post is all about skin! We’re excited to start this blog series and hope that it will help you better understand your skin and equip you with advice to help you better take care of your skin. With that said, welcome to the first installment of #softestskinever! :)

What is skin?
Skin is the human body’s largest organ. It is designed to protect us from elements such as bacteria, water and dirt. It also helps our bodies with temperature regulation, sensation, excretion of salt and water and producing of vitamin D.

You might not know this, but your skin actually has three layers – have a look at the diagram below to see what I mean.

What gives skin its different colours?
Skin colour is the result of a protein called “melanin”. Based on the abundance of certain types of melanin, skin colour comes in various shades that vary across population groups and geographies.
So, here are the two types of melanin:
Eumelanin (dark brown to very dark brown) – mostly present in dark complexions.
Pheomelanin (yellow to red) – mostly present light complexions.
How do products you put on your skin work?
Skin is porous from the inside out. If skin were porous from the outside-in, we would drown when taking a bath or swimming. Depending on the size and chemical properties of the ingredients in skin products, three things can happen as shown in the picture below:
Some ingredients can penetrate your skin, about 60% of what you apply on your skin will end up being absorbed into your bloodstream. This is good, for nourishing ingredients, and bad as some ingredients are harmful and can lead to cancer.
Which ingredients work best?
The secret to keeping your skin young and supple is to feed it daily with nutrients. These come from your diet, the products you use and your skin’s exposure to the sun. Petroleum jelly, mineral oils, Parabens and Paraffin are examples of ingredients that don’t penetrate skin. These products should be avoided as they will coat and congest your skin. This will in time make your skin dry and can lead to cracks. For this reason, our products do not (and will never) contain synthetic chemicals.
At Oamobu, we have formulated an all-natural skin care range of products that are jam packed with the nutrients to penetrate your skin and keep it healthy. Our range is made up of body butters that are charged with certain natural oils. Besides keeping your skin supple and healthy, the right combinations and ratios of the ingredients used in our products will help alleviate the following skin conditions: dryness, stretchmarks, acne, eczema, and bad scar formation.

If you haven’t been taking good care of your skin, it’s never too late to begin. In case you’re not sure which products to use, we highly recommend our whipped Shea Body Butters. Have a look at our product list to get your hands on some skin goodness! Your future self will thank you for this.
Now that we’ve covered the very basics, next week we’ll dive deeper into understanding the various skin types and skin conditions that are out there.
Take care and see you then!

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