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A simple hair care regime that you should be following!

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Keep calm and focus on basics

Hi Everyone,

As covered in last week's blog post "Why your natural hair is dry and what you can do about it!", applying natural oils to your hair is a very effective method to combat dryness.  In today's blog post, we will share the important elements of a COMPLETE regime!

So, here goes...

Early morning moisturizing!

The magic formula: daily moisturising = a healthy scalp + happy hair = hair growth + hair retention!

As we know, natural hair has a tendency to dry out. Hence using a water-based moisturiser such as a "leave-in conditioner" or a "water moisturising spray" in the morning is vital. Beware, unless the first or second ingredient is water, or aqua, it is NOT a good moisturiser!

Always remember that water / water-based moisturisers are the truest and best moisturisers because they penetrate your hair shaft. The downside to them is that they evaporate quickly - this is why they should be used together with an oil-based moisturiser. Oil-based moisturisers coat your hair and either seal moisture in or out of your hair. Whether you SEAL-IN moisture (Good) or SEAL-OUT moisture (Bad) depends entirely on the procedure you follow. Avoid applying oils before applying a water-based moisturiser as this will SEAL-OUT moisture from your hair.

GOOD MOISTURISERS: Natural oils, butters, and blends of both are great sealants

BAD MOISTURISERS: Petrochemicals such as Petrolatum, Mineral oil and Paraffin

Since we're usually in a rush in the mornings, you probably want to keep your morning routine as short as possible. So, we recommend only moisturising your hair in the morning and when you have more time in the evenings to detangle style and protect your hair.

So onto the evening routine...

Detangling is important!

Always moisturise your hair before detangling with your fingers or a comb. If you prefer using a comb, then please use a plastic or wooden wide-toothed comb only. Work through your hair from its tips to its roots. For your edges, use a brush with soft bristles such as a shoe brush. Important to not dig your comb into the roots and yank outward! 

The fun part - styling!

Have fun with it, anything goes depending on your hairstyle the next day -  knots, twists, braids, rollers, clips etc. Styling your hair overnight reduces frizz, tangling and shrinkage (bonus). During styling is an ideal opportunity to apply natural oils/butters. To create a better hold during styling, you can apply a gel after the natural oils/butter. A good gel will help balance the PH of your hair and won’t dry it out or form crusts/flakes. It will also keep your hair hydrated for much longer as well.

Always protect your hair!

Wear a satin or silk scarf overnight to avoid waking up with messy, dry and frizzy hair. These materials are smooth and gentle, and also do not absorb moisture as easily as cotton. Also, friction between your hair and cotton could lead to split ends.

Finally, it is also important to keep your scalp hydrated. For some, the use of moisturisers will be sufficient as they penetrate the scalp. Whereas, if your scalp is much dryer and contains dandruff, you will need to base your scalp regularly.

I hope this has been helpful! If it has, please could you share this post for others to see.

Next week we’ll talk about weekly/monthly haircare routines such as washing, conditioning etc.

See you then! 

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