... Welcome to Oamobu Naturals

Welcome to Oamobu Naturals

Oamobu Naturals

Hello! I'm very excited you're reading this piece. Welcome! :) I decided to make the first post about how all this came to be.


I'm Getty and I've had natural hair since 2010. I have fine afro-textured hair with possibly the tightest kinks ever found on hair and a natural tendency towards dryness. I went through cycles of growing it, frustration, and relaxing or cutting it over the years. This was mainly because I didn't have enough knowledge on how to take care of it and I struggled to find "good" products to effectively manage it. I had found a lot of products abroad which managed my hair better while I was doing a hospitality exchange program in 2011. Upon coming back, they ran out and my hair got damaged again. I relaxed it and ultimately cut it.


I felt more comfortable keeping my hair natural since neither did well relaxed, especially with the products I used. I decided to learn more about taking care of natural hair and I became heavily invested in DIY recipes. My hair started growing healthy, and I moved to skin DIY. Now, I mostly use DIY products and a few good products off the shelf.


I learned a lot in the process, mostly through trial and error, ad a whole new world opened up for me. I became more cautious of product ingredients and noticed there were a couple of recurring ingredients which seemed popular and sought after, but very difficult to find locally despite being of African origin. I started sharing what I learned simpler, effective, and cost effective haircare practices and products. It turned out that people were aware of the recommended natural products and were keen to try them, so I made it my mission to make those products easily accessible to create this info sharing platform so we can learn from another.


I had since found an amazing team to work with to ensure that the above is realised :). This platform is for everyone, we look forward to engaging, learning, and sharing what we know.



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